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The Nature Therapy Center's writing aims to promote the fields of therapy, education, ecopychology in general and Nature Therapy practice in particular. The Center publishes unique books, articles, procedures and protocols independently as well as in prestigious publications such as Sage, Routledge and Guilford.

We also write innovative materials and conduct research by order.

Nature Therapy - PhD





The complete articles in Hebrew can be found in the Hebrew Site.

A Safe Place
The article is based on the program bearing the same name for children. It presents ways to use nature in creative ways and play to help children overcome trauma and establish the kindergarten as a place to develope resilience.
Berger, R. (2008), Hed Hagan, D, 34-44 (Hebrew)

To Turn Interpretation into Achievement and Stay with the Experience
Based on a case study from the training program, the article gives a theoretical and feasible example to the rationale of exchanging verbal work with Nature Therapy tools doing therapy in nature
Berger, R. Psycho-actualia, 16-23 (Hebrew)

Nature Therapy Building Resilience
An article presenting a way to use Nature Therapy to develop resilience, normalize the trauma experience and to build the favored existence through therapy in nature.
Published in the Ministry of Education Site in the Internet. (Hebrew)

Meeting in Nature
The article presents case studies carried out in the program "Meeting in Nature" conducted for the Ministry of Education in special education with children with special needs.
Berger, R. (2005), Hed Hachinuach, 10, 28-31. (Hebrew) 

To Be in Nature
The article presents ways to work with elderly persons in nature. The article integrates theory from the narrative and Nature Therapy and includes a case study.
Berger, R. (2005), Dorot, 80, 38-41 (Hebrew)

Opening a door
Theory of Nature therapy and its implementations in nature.
Berger, R. (2006) Psycho-actualia, 8-12. (Hebrew)

Nature Therapy – Therapeutic Aspects
The article present the main four models used by Nature Therapy. The article combines theory with case studies.
Berger, R. (2004) Treatment through the arts, 3 (2) 60-69 (Hebrew)

Touching Nature
A narrative article describing the writer's voyage in creating Nature Therapy. It includes descriptions of case studies as well as theory and presentation of the model.
Berger, R. (Nefesh), 19-20, 36-41. (Hebrew)

Between Education to Therapy, Teacher and Pupil, Man to Nature – Parallel Procedures
On the personal and developments that teachers have undergone while performing the "Meeting in Nature" program.
Published in the Ministry of Education Internet Site (2006)

Women in the desert
Niv, H. an MA thesis


Incorporating Nature into Therapy: A framework for Practice (Berger & McLeod 2006)
The article presents the overall framework of the approach. It illustrates the innovative theory with examples from case studies.
Journal of Systemic Therapies 2006, 25(2), 80-94.

Beyond Words (Berger 2006)

A narrative case study illustrating a way in which Nature Therapy can be used with people with special needs.
Journal of critical psychology, counseling and psychotherapy. 2006, 4, 195-199.

Using Contact with Nature, Creativity and Rituals as a Therapeutic Medium with Children with Learning Difficulties

A Case Study (Berger 2006)
This case study presents ways in which Nature Therapy can be used with children with special needs.
Emotional and behavioral difficulties, 2006, 11(2) 135-146.

Choosing the 'Right' Space to Work in (Berger 2007)

Using a reflexive approach the writer presents ideas about the implications of the choice of the natural setting on the process. The article presents fresh theory on the issue with a story from practice.
Australian Journal of Outdoor Education, 2007, 11(1), 41-45

uilding a Home in N
ature (Berger 2008)
The article integrates examples from practice illustrating the ways in which the concepts and methods of Nature-Therapy can be implemented with different clients and different settings. 
Journal of humanistic psychology. 2008, 48(2) 264-279.

Going on a Journey: A Case Study of Nature Therapy with Children with Learning Difficulty
 (Berger 2008)
The article based on a qualitative study conducted with a group of children with learning difficulties, presents a way in which Nature Therapy can be incorporated into a school setting.
Emotional & Behavioral Difficulties, 2008,13(4) 315-326 

Developing an Ethical Code for the Growing Nature Therapy Practice (Berger 2008)
The article presents and discusses issues relating to the development of a code of ethics for the growing Nature Therapy profession. It addresses the profession's unique issues and those relating to its relationship with nature.
Australian Journal of Outdoor Education, 2008, 12(2), 47-52.

A Safe Place
(Berger & Lahad 2009)
Ways in which nature, play and creativity can help children cope with stress and crisis establishing the kindergarten as a safe haven where children can develop resiliency (Berger & Lahad 2009)
Early child development and care, to be published 2009

Encounters in Nature - Nature Therapy with Children with Learning Difficulties
(Berger 2009)
The article highlights ways in which Nature Therapy can be performed in a school setting with children who have learning disabilities and late development. It illustrates elements from this innovative framework and highlights ways that could be implemented in practice.
Journal of Adventure Education & Outdoor Learning, to be published 2009

Nature Therapy - thoughts about the limitations of practice
(Berger 2009)
This article presents several issues that relate to the limitations of the imitative practice of Nature Therapy. Drawing upon examples from practice, it will separate between physical and psychological limitations and suggests way in which the limitations can be bypassed, turning weakness into strength
Journal of Humanistic Psychology - to be published

Being in Nature
(Berger 2009)

The article illustrates a novel framework in which nature can be incorporated into therapy with the older adults. Using an example from practice it highlights a way in which the integration of concepts from the Narrative approach and the innovative Nature Therapy approach can expand the older adult's perspectives, reframe the sense of psychological time while gaining a wider sense of acceptance and completion in life.  
Journal of Holistic Nursing, 2009, 27(1).


To Fly

The book is based on therapy in nature that the Nature Therapy Center is conducting in special education in schools since 2002.  Through the story of children who take care of wounded falcons and free them, the story enables the child to connect to his recuperating strength through the feeling of empathy and compassion for the wild animals in general and the wounded ones in particularly.
The book can be purchased through the Nature Therapy Center. (Hebrew)

A Safe Place

The book is based on the joint program "A Safe Place" carried out by the Nature Therapy Center and Mashabeem in the north of Israel with thousands of children who experienced the trauma of the second Lebanon War. The story tells about the coping of the wild animals with a sudden fire in the woods thus helping the children to cope with war and uncertainty experiences and develop resilience. (Hebrew)


Nature Therapy Selected Articles: Theory and Methods Application in Practice (Case studies) Ethical Consideration

2005 Conference Reader
by the Nature Therapy Center (in English)
Ways to be supported by nature, group and creativity in order to build resilience, normalize experiences and create a favored reality

In Hebrew only: 
Abstract: 2006 Nature Therapy Conference
Abstract: 2007 Nature Therapy Conference
Abstract: 2008 Nature Therapy Conference
Abstract: 2009 Nature Therapy Conference